topliner / producer / artist

Elina Salumäe is a dynamic singer-songwriter, producer, and artist hailing from Estonia. Her music journey has encompassed a range of genres, with a strong emphasis on pop, indie, and R&B influences. Drawing inspiration from her diverse background, Elina’s sound captivates listeners with its unique blend of melodic hooks and innovative production.

As the creative force behind her personal artist project, SALEA, Elina’s musical prowess continues to evolve. She possesses a remarkable talent for crafting infectious melodies, showcasing her versatility and creativity as a songwriter and producer. With an eye on the international stage, Elina aspires to collaborate with renowned songwriters and produce tracks for other artists, further expanding her impact in the industry.

Elina Salumäe’s passion for music, combined with her dedication to pushing creative boundaries, positions her as an exciting and promising artist on the rise. Her ability to seamlessly blend genres and create memorable compositions sets her apart, and her future holds great potential as she continues to make her mark in the global music scene.

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