FAAR Music Studios are one of the most unique studio spaces in the Baltics. The studios are located in the centre of Tallinn. There are five studios, and a spacious lounge area with a beautiful view of the harbour. 

Our studios meet the highest technical standards – designed and built by professional teams. The rooms are soundproofed and acoustically well treated. Last but not least, we have our own climate/ventilation system that provides us with much needed fresh air.

Finest studio gear by:

Monitoring: ATC, Genelec, Yamaha, Trinnov, Crane Song

Interfaces/converters: Prism, Universal Audio

Microphones: Telefunken, Chandler, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure

Processing: Manley, Rupert Neve, Tube-Tech, Knif, SSL, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, DBX, Bettermaker, Warm Audio

Instruments: Fender, Martin, Gibson, Yamaha, Native-Instruments

Our songwriters, producers and artists are working in the studios on a daily basis, making it a creative hub, where to connect and inspire each other. 

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