songwriter / producer

Steven Ilves is a versatile producer, and songwriter, known for his captivating compositions that span across genres such as synth-pop, indie pop, and house, he continuously explores new musical horizons, refusing to confine himself to any specific style. With a passion for pushing boundaries and experimenting with new sounds, he continuously strives to challenge himself as a songwriter. Steven wishes to one day try his hand in composing music for movies or TV shows.

Steven has collaborated with renowned Estonian artists like Merilin Mälk, Säm, Inger, An-Marlen, Andrei Zevakin, and Carlos Ukareda, as well as accomplished musicians such as NOËP, Stig Rästa, Gevin Niglas, Lucky Luke, and Adam Woods.

Steven’s musical achievements include his track “Tuim ja tundetu” reaching 4th place in the Raadio 2 annual chart selection and gaining recognition on POWER Hit Radio, Skyplus, and Spotify Viral Estonia. His composition “Jessica – my mom” also made it to the quarterfinals of Estonian music competition Eesti Laul 2022. Apart from his music, Steven’s adventurous spirit is evident in his love for extreme sports and thrilling experiences.

With his boundless creativity and diverse collaborations, Steven Ilves is making waves in the music industry. His talent, passion, fearless approach to music, and his unique sounding compositions, promise to leave a lasting impression.

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